Brittnie Price, The Perfect Blend Of Soul, Pop And The In-Between


If you’ve ever heard Whitney Houston, Bon Iver, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill or John Mayer and loved what you heard, then you’ll love Brittnie Price. In today’s music world, she’s a breath of fresh air — delivering heartfelt vocals, earnest lyrics, and an individualistic style of singing that blends the passionate vocals of soul music with the catchy melodies of pop, Brittnie is an artist you MUST discover.

Born and raised in Ohio, Brittnie has found a way to take her talents to the big league. She’s worked on the International Tour of the Broadway musical, “Hair,” she’s completed projects with producers associated with the likes of Incubus, Hoobastank and Fiona Apple, and she’s used her voice to travel the world as a performer on luxury cruise ships. All these endeavors have made it possible for Brittnie to bring us her debut EP titled, ‘Everything We Are’ which is currently available on iTunes.

More than just a singer, Brittnie is a creator, a real musician. Highly involved in the process she not only performs her songs but also serves as a writer and producer creating original lyrics and original melodies to complete the production process. She recalls the birth of one of her songs, “Runaway” (currently on her EP) citing that she wrote the song “on a napkin in [her] car while driving, went home, put music to it and watched it all come together.” Another song on her EP, “What If” which is actually the first song she’s ever written, serves as the closing song for each of her gigs and is an inspiration for people to believe in themselves and live their life according to their own needs and desires without the influence of other people’s opinion.

Rarely are you able to discover an artist who can encompass a myriad of influences and effectively execute their inspirations while still maintaining a sense of originality. Brittnie has done that. While you can hear in her voice studies of vocal powerhouses like Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin and the influence of exceptional lyricism from artists like Sara Bareilles and Amy Winehouse, she doesn’t really remind you of any ONE artist. She’s what you would describe as having a more soulful twist on what you’d expect your typical pop singer/songwriter to be, without compromising the catchiness of the hook. She’s good at measuring up to the best and even better at maintaining originality.

Currently, she’s writing and doing even more writing to be able to bring the world more real, meaningful and popular music because we so desperately need it. You can follow Brittnie’s social media (@brittnieaprice) and find more info at

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