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Summer is in full swing, and already the music industry has had some major releases from Beyonce, Chance The Rapper, and Kanye West. Even some 90’s superstars have reemerged with highly anticipated albums, i.e. Radio Head and Garbage. However, the basement has been thumping as well on the indie side of things; here are ten bands that demand your attention this year (band rankings are not representative of which bands are the best. We just threw them on a list.)


  1. Vow


West coast newbies Vow finally released their debut LP, Kind Eyes. The two EPs leading up to the release left Vow’s following wanting more. Then there was a hiatus until January of this year when the band released “Withdraw,” the lead single from the band’s debut. Julia Blake continues to lead the way as vocalist for the band, while Andrew Thomas and Nick Steinhardt create a nostalgic sound through drum machines and guitar.


  1. The Lost Boys


The band returns this year with Parachutes, the follow up from their 2014 release Kingsley. Parachutes opens with a catchy pop-rock track, titled “Malin.” Expect to hear a lot more from the Aussie boy band in the near future.


  1. Local Natives


These guys have garnered a lot of buzz of over the last few years, and continue to build on that buzz with a new release scheduled for September. The new LP, Sunlit Youth, has two singles out and a music video to accompany the lead single “Villainy.”


  1.  Summer House


The next time you put on those ripped, bleached denim jeans and tie-dye Tee, don’t forget to blast the self-titled debut EP from these Manchester rock n’ rollers. The band’s release is stuffed with shoegazy-grunge tracks that are some where between Green Day and Nirvana.


  1.  Suuns


Dark, Synthy, cacophonous, but yet beautiful; that pretty much sums up Suuns’ latest release under indie label Secretly Canadian. The band’s experimental sound is reminiscent of the early krautrock days of Popol Vuhl, and Cocteau Twins, but with a modernized twist.


  1. Late Bloomer


Okay. This band hasn’t put out any music since 2014; however, the Charlotte gang has mentioned via social media that a new release is slated for sometime this year. Their last endeavor, Things Change, didn’t go unnoticed and they built a solid fan base from the LP. Let’s keep fingers crossed for an official release date announcement!


  1. Cannons


Covers are always dope, especially when they’re out of the box and cross genre lines. Cannons has achieved this with their new single “Creep,” which is a cover of TLC’s 1994 smash hit. Michelle Joy, Paul Davis, and Ryan Clapham last released a solid project back in 2014 with Up All Night. “Creep” was the trio’s first swing of 2016, and I’m sure it won’t be the last; an LP might just be in the works.


  1. Not Amused


Nine To Five ½ Bullshit is a sampler of the band’s new LP Nine To Five. The teaser includes a refreshing flip of Nirvana’s “Smell’s Like Teen Spirit,” and cool cover art. East coast garage rock is in full effect with Not Amused, look out for the full release soon.


  1. Freeks


Not a band, per say, but his production comes together like one. When mentioning basement indie to lookout for this year, he has to be on the list. Just coming off of his late 2015 release with Beach Goons, Freeks has a new single in store. Freeks and Beach Goons went blow for blow on “Beech Freeks,” a surf rock, heavy metalish EP. Freeks recently mentioned that his new single will have a new sound.


  1. Dead Katz


Yet another list anomaly, this one-man band just released Everything I Could Ever Say Without Saying Anything At All. The gentle, dreamy laid back sounds feel like a full production team put them together. The 10 track beach advernture is worth the listen Check it out.









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