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Levi Carter- Rapper Or Trapper


Listening to Levi Carter album- Antisocial, the only thing that came to mind was rappers Cheif Keef and Yung Thug. Levi carter, Rapper or Trapper? Great beats and I’m not knocking him, homie has flow but it seems like every song is about “b***hes this, trappin’ that, money this, drugs that”. The first three songs: Count, My Safe, and Finessed; all sound the exact same. All talking about getting money, f***ing b****es, guns this (click clat), and drugs. My favorite songs were numbers five You Not Gang and number seven The 7. The flows of those two songs were different, of course, they’re about trappin’ and getting money but it’s a cool beat that I would definitely listen to in the club or in my car when I feel like getting crunk. Number seven is something I can listen to everyday, I can hear this song on the radio and can definitely see as a number one hit on the radio. Sounds like a Future song, and something he would rap about. Drake, and Future should get on the track and do a remix. Young kid has talent, I would love to listen to more of his music. Less trappin’ and more rapping. I want to hear his versatility.

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