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Perro Volador’s New Album “Hasta el Ultimo Centavo” is Bueno!

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“Don’t cry for me Argentina!” That quote has nothing to do with anything in this write up (well sort of), but little phrases or snippets like that have a funny way of getting stuck in one’s head, some good, some bad. Here’s one song that’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head whether or not you’re fluent in Spanish. “Elvis” is the lead track off of Argentinean band Perro Volador’s nuevo album Hasta el ultimo centavo. The old school rock out session screams Hendrix, Paige, and Richards through the wild guitar riffs right from the start. The bridge consists of a bluesy guitar melody that syncs with heavily accented drums that climax and then it all diverges. As the drums take it easy for a moment, the guitar continues with funky chords. Then BOOM! All the components come back together for the climb. Follow these guys on Facebook,, and pick up the new album on Bandcamp,

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