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AraabMuzik’s Has Something For Everyone In His Dream World


Abraham Orellana better known as AraabMuzik, has been a constant in the music production community since 2010 with his first mixtape AraabMuzik Beats VOL 1. Since then he’s grown from mixtapes to main stages at music festivals, as his popularity has grown since the advent of DJs and producers as rock stars. His latest album, Dream World is almost as diverse and craftful as his entire discography and talents.


Dream World is as eclectic as the current landscape of electronic music. The album isn’t just Trap, Dub-Step, or Hip-Hop and it isn’t an amalgam of these neither. Each record manages to retain its individual color but also comes together to form something greater. More like an anthology than a painting rather.


Orellana’s own work dominates most of the 16 track/55 minute album but still leaves room for a plenty of few features though. Baauer lends his production talents to “Senor Breakast”, Mavati, Mikey Cesar and !llmind are also present, just name a few. Songs like “Faded”, “Adonis” and “50 Box of Swishers” are reminiscent of Orellana’s usual sonic choice, very Hip-Hop influenced electronic production. Dream World, is Orellana’s showcase of sorts. The production of the album is clean, and and diverse enough, to show that he isn’t boxed into one genre under the umbrella, but rather he’s more than capable of holding the umbrella up himself.

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