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Jaylien: Summer’s Over


Newly kicking off his solo career in 2015 when FADER premiered his new music video for his debut single, “Hotel Costes”. From St. Louis to Los Angeles this singer, songwriter, and producer has achieved recognition for his work for numerous work he’s done. Jaylien has written and produced music for several mainstream artists, producing and writing the single “Beautiful” from singer Akon’s album ‘Freedom‘ (2008). He’s written and produced songs for artists such as : LL Cool J, the legendary Quincy Jones, and most recently he produced “4 Seconds” for singer Chris Brown. With 10k followers on Instagram, and 1335 followers on SoundCloud, Jaylien recently made his live debut, opening for The Dream’s Genesis Tour 2016 at The Troubadour nighclub. With his debut EP on Tidal and iTunes ‘Summer’s Out’ which contains 7 songs.

  1. Hotel Costes
  2. Hit Me Up/ 3 A.M.
  3. Choices
  4. Rewind
  5. Not 4 Sale
  6. We Fcuk
  7. Summer’s Over

Hotel Costes seemed to me as if it can definitely be a radio hit, with a pop feel. Hit Me Up/3 A.M. sounds like a club song, synth pop feel mixed with R&B. Choices sounds like a song singer Bryson Tiller would make. Them two should definitely collab on a song. I would say them two together would blow the industry out of the park with their singing skills. Rewind, I loved the beat. It had like an old school early 2000’s beat to it. Kind of sounded as if it was a hint of a reggae beat. Not 4 Sale, I loved the words to the song and the meaning behind it.

‘Cause My Love ain’t for sale no more.

Take it how you want.

I use to think about you all the time

But now that shit is gone.


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