From Mississippi To Mainstream, You Ought To Look Out For Orlincia


Hailing from the deep south, Jackson, Mississippi to be exact, Orlincia is a singer/songwriter looking to be the next breakout R&B star. Her voice can be compared to the likes of Beyonce and Whitney Houston as she’s been in training to become the next legend since her youth, singing and studying in schoools and various choral music programs.

Not very often can you find artists who find a way to invoke their reality into their music in such an authentic and believable way. The lyrics that Orlincia writes are just that, stemming from her real life experiences she creates songs that are 100% Orlincia. Her passion runs deep for music and is evident in the fact that she’s decided to pursue her music career full time. She states that singing helps her “to say the things that some cannot express, to calm the mind and heal the heart.” From that description, we’re only expecting to hear the best from her – music replete with emotion, filled with depth, and a sincerity that will not only touch her fans but also move the world.

Orlinicia’s goal is to create music that allows her fans to find a true connection. It’s important for her to create music that people can relate to and make them feel comfortable, provide them with an escape from everyday life. If you enjoy Beyonce, (of course you do), Tink, Jhene Aiko and Kehlani, you’re going to love Orlincia. Trying to imagine the stylistic magic that could come from blending the sounds of those four artists is simply overwhelming and that’s exactly what we can expect from her new EP.

We have high hopes and expectations for Orlincia moving forward and are highly interested in watching her journey to stardom.

To stay updated on her progress, follow Orlincia’s instagram at @ohthasinger!


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