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Westside Baby Apex’s secondhand Cannabis Smoke Is Felt From London On Latest EP “Lordvibes”


20-year-old “Westside baby” of London, England, Lord Apex, joins forces with up and coming producer Lovibe on Lord Vibes. The low toned slumped flow that Lord Apex possesses is expressed to its fullest on the five track EP. Apex’s delivery is intertwined with a thick accent, and spits out introspective lines at a pot smoker’s pace. This isn’t Apex’s first time on the mic, he’s been putting music out on the net for three years now, and already has several releases this year. He pays homage to Snoop Dogg and weed with his laid-back appeal, and constant references to the smoker’s only club. Roll up, light one, and vibe out to Apex’s discography on Bandcamp,, and follow @senseiapex. Don’t be the last to know about this kid. He’s already charging for verses, and they’re in high demand among underground producers.

“I’m a westside baby, westside raised me…”

It almost feels like Apex should rhyme over the instrumental to “Mama Loves Me” with his opening cadence on “Westside Baby.” The piano and syncopated beat play along as the young rhymer introduces himself for the two-minute ride. We learn more about Apex’s inspirations on “green coupe” where he reveals that he used to want to be like Snoop on a signature Lovibe track that includes a looped r&b sample.

“Used to want to be Snoop, now I wanna be Apex in a green coupe…”

 Cannibalism, hammer squeezing, spliff lighting, and coupe driving are a few of the topics covered on “green coupe,” which is the most hardcore track on the entire EP. Even in that mode Apex, or Sensei, throws in “never did the crime life…” and laughs at the end when he fumbles on the word cannon. All of the gangsterisms aren’t quite put side just yet as Lovibe and Sensei take us on a ride through jodi’s hood on “jodi (baby boy).”

“Told her take it easy, daddy gon’ get it, blowin’ on medic, baby boy gotcha…”

 Apex must be talking to the girl on the cover art of the EP on “jodi (baby boy).” The attitude along with another r&b sample from Lovibe paints the picture of a chick with an Aaliyah type of flare from the mid 90’s. He buys his girl iced out jewelry

“you can’t join it’s a crew ting, and who’s shorty that’s my new ting…”

 On a dark, jazzy composition, more gangsta vibes emerge with “two tings.” Apex takes some of the local slang and some story telling techniques to make the track one of the highlights of the EP. We have Apex catching a foe off guard “just saw a hater caught him slippin’ in all black.” The foe is shaken up as he sees Apex approach him, and as the two meet face to face, Apex states “boy this ain’t charades, get hit with the grenade, you can pre order fades, the fists come the next day.” He also finds time to express his sentiments towards critics “f*** a rap critic, how you gon’ judge a song if you didn’t know the struggle…” Apex, your struggle is felt, and there’s a fanbase anticipating the next release from the sensei.

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