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Kanye West Creates A Window Between High Fashion And Music in “Wolves”


Early today Kanye West released a long-awaited visual for ‘Wolves’

Before the visual there was only audio, which was, in my opinion, very confusing to the listener. I’ve always wondered what the song was about and who the “wolves” were. The track is similar to that of a good book; It makes you ask questions and want to know more. It’s a little hard to decipher but in all a good read, or should I say listen.

With the new visual all of the unanswered questions are now brought to light. All of the questions I had were answered by this seven minute visual. Were yours?

The video was a mix between a music visual and high fashion campaign. Kanye collaborated with Olivier Roustieng, creative director of Balmain, and turned a simple music visual into something much more. The two opened a bigger window from the music world to the modeling and high fashion world, making the two industries compliment each other and bring great profit, I assume.

Models such as Kendall Jenner, Jourdan Dunn and Joan Smalls were all featured in the visual. Also Vic Mensa, Kim Kardashian West, and Sia who still has no face, were all apart of this masterpiece.

Want to know my take on what Wolves is all about?

Wolves is Kanye’s way of standing up to all of his haters “wolves.” It documents his journey of finding love, both for himself and his soul mate. I’ll annotate a few lyrics to better paint a picture of understanding.

Lost out, beat up
Dancin’, down there
I found you, somewhere out
‘Round ’round there, right right there

Kanye is at a party and someone catches his eye; but who could that be? Does he have what it takes to catch whats caught his eye?

Daddy, found out
How you turned out, how you turned out

If mama knew now
How you turned out, you too wild
You too wild, you too wild
You too wild,
I need you now
Got to love you

It is no secret who Kim Kardashian-West is, everyone know how she came into self-wealth, and everyone is familiar with her family. Kim discovered the fastest way to go viral on the internet, but that discovery came with a great cost. Her infamous sex-tape is Iconic, in that it’s still a big topic in today’s social-media society. Kanye Raps saying he knows who she is and he still loves her. It’s romantic, in a Kanye sort of way.

Click on the lyrics to read more on Genius

After reading lyrics and watching the visual. I’ve come to the conclusion that Wolves is merely a lullaby. A lullaby with the story of Kanye finding his match, his twin flame. Someone with the same ego level as him. Someone who had their own money and did not need him. This is someone he actually had to work for, he had to impress himself in order to impress his treasure.

Listening to the track it seems that Kanye humbled himself for Kim. The two are very successful in their professional pursuits and they’ve expanded their families and business. They are almost untouchable. Lets not forget, however, that they’re surrounded by “wolves,” or in other words, haters trying to take away what they’ve built.

For a more broad point of view, this track is the anthem for those popular kids in high school that did whatever and hurt whom ever in order to fulfill their dreams. These kids are now socialites/brand ambassadors, models, designers, and almost everyone in the fashion industry. Kanye shows us fashion geeks that we are all the same, and he tells us through sonic melodies, that we can find love. We just have to know were to look for it. You are not alone Queen B of high school, or S, best friend of Queen B.

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