Female Duo, Rhilei Kemin, Shows Us Why They Are Really Up Next & Everyone Else Is Just Lying


First off, let’s just say we haven’t seen such a fresh and stylish hip-hop girl group since the ’90s when TLC burst on the scene…until now. Since we’ve discovered Rhilei Kemin, a dynamic duo residing in Los Angeles, they’ve given us a new perspective on just how captivating a female duo can be. They are in their own lane.  They’ve created a reality where no other group comes close to resembling their uniqueness, rawness, and unpredictability captured behind smooth harmonies, a bit of foul language and a bravado that doesn’t seem to fit their petite frames.

Rhilei Kemin is made up of rapper, Yung Poca, and singer Desii Stone. The name of the group stands for “not compromising who you are to get where you want to be” and they so boldly depict that motto throughout their lyrics and music videos, in which there’s no doubt that who they portray themselves to be is authentically who they actually are.

Both Desii and Poca found their desire to create music early on in life, where their parents facilitated an environment for them to explore their musicality and creativity. Although artists in their own right, it was when the two joined forces that the magic started to really happen, describing themselves as “musical soulmates.” Poca also acknowledges Desii as the reason she was able to transform what was once her potential into what has now become her reality as an artist. She states that she “never saw herself being the artist she is today until she met Desii.” Their first song, “Wasting Time” set the stage for the two to develop a fresh sound and feed the world what it’s so desperately missing — female entertainers who are not just ok with being who they are but refuse to have it any other way.

While the music industry is saturated with overnight rappers, soulless singers and artists whose love of fame exceeds their love of music by lightyears, Rhilei Kemin still cares about the music. Highly influenced by Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean, their mission is to make people feel, to fuel their songs with so much passion that they’ll move the world, and to speak on behalf of the voiceless. They say “f*ck making music, make magic” and once you give them a chance you’ll certainly find your way swiftly under their spell.

Rhilei Kemin’s music is a rebellion. It’s empowerment. It’ll stir up those emotions within that tell you to face your insecurities head on and crush them. All while just vibin’.

We aren’t looking forward to how Rhilei Kemin will change the world, we’re just waiting for when they will.

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