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Spring King Hits Hard In ‘Rectifier’


Spring King feels like a lo-fi California rock  band with a splash of pop, shaken, and definitely not stirred. This infectious concoction is then poured into a shot glass of punk. Finally, it sets itself on fire and is taken, head tilt back, right to the face.

Spring King. The joyous art-angst rock you didn’t know you wanted nor needed. But damn, will you be happy when someone hands you this tall drink of loud, raw, rock-pop fun. As recent signees of Terrible Records, Tarek Musa, Pete Darlington, Andy Morton and James Greenthese are a rowdy group of Manchester boys that have found a home among some of music’s current elite outliers. Spring King is anything but plateauing from their burst onto the music scene back in 2015. While boasting the hardcore title of ‘ First Ever Band To Be Played on Apple Beats 1″ radio, they’ve taken no  prisoners with their newest music video ‘Rectifier’.

‘Rectifier’ follows a drumming Musa through a sequence of basement shots that graduate to studio shots. Finally, we find ourselves on stage with the boys as they play to a seemingly packed venue, only to return to Musas wonderfully furrowed brows in his basement-as if the whole adventure was nothing more than a dream. As the backbone to the whole operation, the video switches from Musa’s side profile to side profile. Did I mention his drumming face is wonderful already? Well, it deserves another mention.

Coupled with an impressive summer of touring/ festival spots under their belt and releasing their EP ‘Tell Me If You Like To’, Spring King shows no sign of dissipating into obscure internet hype anytime soon. Living up to Zane Lowe’s seal of approval is no easy task but they seem to be exceeding any expectation. They are a drink I’d sip on over and over again.

Cheers Boys.

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