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Dancehall Sensation Alandon’s “Movie” Is All Big Bang


“Movie,” the new single by dance hall artist and Waterhouse, Jamaican native Alandon featuring New Jersey rapper Dougie F. has all of the features of a coming of age story. Two young black boys from different parts of the world make their way out the slums and into the fast life of the entertainment business. The track brings the best of both worlds together with trap beat trumpets, dancehall riddims, and staccato organ chords that complete the dancehall/ reggae sound.

Alandon’s protean approach on the track is something that demands attention as he’s able to fuse the skills of an emcee and singer together. Dougie F’s drive to success is felt through his delivery, but content and composition wise there’s nothing there we haven’t heard before. Conceptually “Movie” has the makings of something special however it lacks originality in the way it’s carried out. The experience is reminiscent of a big  blockbuster film with  expensive CGI effects and bad acting. What I mean is listeners get to hear a crystal clear production from a well known producer (Point Blank), but nothing much in the way of originality from either artist laying verses down.

Full of energy and crisp vocals, Alandon’s delivery is what the genre needs right now and he has proved himself on previous endeavors. Let’s hope future projects pick up from his past greatness.

You can listen to the track below:


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