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Trap, Soul, Hip-Hop & R&B Have A New Name And He’s Called…TIEM


Every single day, as music fans, we’re inundated with new artists who try to fuse multiple genres; however, very few do it right. We’ve discovered an artist who does it perfectly, his name is TIEM.

TIEM, a London based artist and songwriter from a small town called Brighton, has created the perfect blend of trap, soul, hip-hop and R&B – threw some melodic vocals in the mix and topped it off with a hint of passionate and catchy lyrics.

TIEM began singing at the very young age of 3 but waited to actively pursue a music career until his early 20’s. He considers himself to be highly influenced by the golden age of hip-hop and R&B, studying acts like MusiqSoulChild, Donell Jones, Dwele, Justin Timberlake, Brandy, Erykah Badu, Biggie, J-Cole, Styles P & JayZ. It’s very evident in his musical style that he’s studied the best of the best. He also concludes that artists and groups such as Michael Jackson, Boyz2Men and Wu-Tang served as the fire starters to his passion.

To be able to take all of the greatness enveloped in those legendary artists and mold it into to something uniquely yours is truly a feat. He’s achieved it. And has found the sweet spot of his sound.

In today’s music finding singers who are also great artists, skilled lyricists and can deliver meaningful music is like finding a needle in a haystack. TIEM found us so you wouldn’t have to look so hard. We expect nothing but brilliance from him in the future.

Currently, he’s working towards an official but unnamed project without a release date as of yet. He will be releasing a free EP, entitled ‘Her Way,’ which will be available exclusively to his website subscribers. We’d recommend you head over to his site and check out the Her Way EP right now!

Stay updated on more good music from TIEM by following his instagram account as well, @tiemdaily.

Check out his latest single, Twnty4 below:

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