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Tricks To Being A “Trendsetter” ft. Interview From VP Allie Gruensfelder


Trendsetter Media & Marketing, the best kept secret of the stars, knows a little bit about digital trends, and how to set them.

They’ve just set a trend of their own with the launch of their new brand division.

Trendsetter Marketing is a music and brand marketing PR agency, with A-List clients such as; Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Coldplay, and more.

Allie Gruensfelder, VP of Marketing for Trendsetter Marketing, gave me an exclusive on the launch of their new brand division and a few projects the company is working on.


Allie started working at Trendsetter Marketing in 2009 and has been with the team for just about 7 and a half years. Initially wanting to be a school teacher, Allie did not know that a job in marketing music was waiting for her to pursue. After a Fall Out Boy concert, she knew that she wanted to be apart of the music world and gold was struck. In 2008 Allie Interned for Mercury Records, focusing on projects like Duffy, and Jessie James. This internship allowed her to learn and understand the process of putting out a record, planning tours, and much of the behind the scenes work that goes into making music. 

In the interview, we talked about the rapidly changing music industry, Trendsetter Marketing and their new brand division.

Read below for the full interview.

Myself: Who are your top 3 favorite artists/bands?

Allie: My absolute favorite band is the Dave Matthews Band.

Myself: Im not familiar with their music; why are they your favorite?

Allie: They are just so incredible. They are a band that puts on a live performance like no one else, every single member of that band just brings it, every single time. I’ve seen them so many times and I’ve never once been disappointed. I’m also a big fan of Maroon 5 & Ed Sheeran.

Myself: What are your views on the rapidly changing music industry?

Allie: Music in 2016 is on demand. Most people aren’t sitting listening to the radio to wait to hear their favorite song come on or watching MTV to catch a video premiere.

Myself: That’s so true! I could never listen to Pandora radio. I tried it for a while but always ran out of skips after the first couple songs.

Allie: Yeah! If fans want to hear a song, they’ll go to Spotify or Pandora and stream instantaneously. If they want to see a new video, the first stop is YouTube.  

Also, there has been a complete change in the artist/fan relationship with the advancements of social media. With the launch of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc, artists and bands have the ability to connect and engage with fans like never before, and fans feel access to them in a way they’ve never had in the past.

Myself: Yes, I’ve been waiting for this era of everyone realizing social media is a new and efficient form of communication and promotion, that’s just not gonna go away.

Way back when, there was only mail systems, then telephones, and the internet, which made way for email.

Now cell phones and social media dominate.

Tell me about Trendsetter Media & Marketing?

Allie: Trendsetter Media & Marketing is a music & brand marketing and public relations company specializing in securing maximum exposure for audio/visual content & products.

Myself: I know you guys just launched a new brand division within Trendsetter M&M; Why did you decide to branch outside of music and tackle brands?

Allie: Trendsetter has always been super successful in the music space, but we felt like with the talent of the team members here and the strong relationships with press outlets that we have, we felt we were able to expand into brands & product launches.

We are very fortunate to have clients that we’ve worked with for so many years who have also moved on from music, but were confident in our results that they’ve hired us for their new ventures.

With those early supporters, we were able to officially launch our brands division which we are actively looking to expand.

Myself: Tell me more about the new Corporate Brand Marketing division?

Allie: Our Trendsetter Brands division is dedicated to marketing new product launches, press campaigns, securing interviews and overall awareness.

Securing maximum placement and press opportunities for our clients have always been a major priority for us, so it’s been a very natural progression moving into this space.

Myself: What are some of the current clientele and projects you’re working on outside of music?

Allie: Trendsetter Marketing is currently working closely with the marketing team at Munchkin, Inc on some of their new line of baby products.

We’ve also teamed up with the Latino Broadcasting Company on their documentaries, which just won the first prize at the PBS Online Film Festival and the Audience Award. 

Myself: Wow! That’s amazing, I’ll be sure to look out for their campaigns.

Is Trendsetter in the looks for new clients?

Allie: We definitely keep our eyes and ears open for new clients. With so many tools of discovery for new clientele, we definitely pride ourselves on keeping our fingers on the pulse of the industry and what is happening where.

Myself: Yeah, I know Tidal has the Tidal Rising feature where new artists can independently upload their music and, if good enough, get editorial features.

Who are a few of your most popular/successful clients?

Allie: One of the clients that I’m most proud to be a part of their story is Andy Grammer.

Trendsetter first started working with Andy before his launch of his single (and mega-hit!) “Keep Your Head Up”.

I remember an early video of Andy’s where he was performing to a small group of fans about his recent success and mentioned how someone called him and was like “I just saw your video in Kohls, what’s going on?!” It was a moment that we were able to see our hard work making a real impact on this artist.

From then, we’ve continued to see major success with his next singles, “Fine By Me”, “Miss Me”, and 2015’s game-changer single, “Honey, I’m Good”.

Watching Andy continue to see success, and being a part of his journey is something Trendsetter really values. One thing we pride ourselves on is repeat clientele.

You won’t see a mile long roster on our website of past/present clients because we are continually working with those same great artists, bands, labels and teams. Everyone from Justin Bieber to Coldplay to Major Lazer hire Trendsetter repeatedly to promote their content.

Myself: Where do you see Trendsetter M&M in 5 years?

Allie: Trendsetter Marketing is only as good as the talented and dedicated staff we have here. This expansion is directly attributed to the talent we’ve fostered here and I’d love to continue to expand our team and ultimately move into some new spaces we haven’t tackled before.

I’d love for Trendsetter to become a major entertainment agency that covers everything from music and brands to comedy, movies. We have a full graphic design & app development department here and I’d love to see that expand as well.

Myself: Maybe even set up camp here in my hometown, Indy.

I can only dream right? lol

For all of you indie artists out there who are tired of limiting music to just a hobby, just know that the trendsetter team may be looking for you.

Make good music, collaborate, and set trends. Once you build a steady and loyal fan base, you never know, they may share the secret with you and make you a star.

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