The Sanctuary event at Touch Supper Club on August 6th celebrated its 5th year anniversary. The event jumps off the first Saturday of every month on Lorain Ave in Cleveland, OH. Sanctuary is literally a sanctuary for the eccentric crowd; a safe haven from the traditional and cheesy club scene in the city, i.e. W.6th on any Saturday night. So far for 2016 the event has showcased artists such as, Nicolay, DJ Spinna, and most recently J. Rawls who came out to celebrate the ongoing success of Sanctuary. Rawls shouldn’t need an introduction, but for those not too familiar with this music legend, he was among the list of producers on Mos Def and Talib Kweli’s Black Star album. He’s also worked with Masta Ace, Illa J, and many more.

Right before Rawls’ set I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his thoughts on the current music scene in Ohio, and about up and coming artists. When asked about the ongoings among music artists in the heart of it all he stated “it’s not stagnant…” Jerreau from Fly Union got special mention as someone to look out for, and as far as artists that Rawls is currently working with, I asked about Brittany Nacole. She’s a soul singer and artist from Dayton, Ohio with a new album on the way titled Earfgurl. So check out Sanctuary, and browse the quaint W. 25th area when in Cleveland during the first weekend of every month. Follow Rawls on Instagram @jrawls82; Brittany, @brittany_nacole; Jerreau, @jerreau.


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Will Eady
Born and raised in the birthplace of Funk, and arguably the birthplace of Rock n’ Roll, music is in my veins. If names like Bootsy Collins, and the Ohio Players ring a bell, then you know where I come from. As a musician and poet myself, I have an appreciation for art that hasn’t been inundated by the agendas of major labels and networks. Recently I’ve been sharing music and connecting with artists via social media. Follow me on Instagram @mainstream_music_isgarbage.