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Open Your Ears & Join The ‘PARTYNEXTDOOR’ P3 Album Review



PARTYNEXTDOOR has been quietly creeping along way the music industry, and after all his quiet stepping he finally blessed us with a new piece of his soul. But did he bless us with something of quality?

Party released his third studio LP ‘PARTYNEXTDOOR 3‘ or ‘P3‘ on iTunes and Apple Music on Thursday, August 12th.

Now available on most streaming services. The album featured 16 tracks with no features. Quite bold of the Toronto Based artists, his last two studio LP’s, which were also self-titled, were also solo, minus two features by Drake. It seems as if he’s the only artist he would collaborate with on his projects.

At the start of the album I was blown away, but what makes an album great is a steady tone. Which wasn’t present in the album. There was an attempt to incorporate a reggae tone that failed. A fan or stan doesn’t want to ever skip a song on their favorite artists album. However I pressed next a few times more than I should have had to.

If you are a real Party fan then you would agree that this album wasn’t a complete failure, but could have been much better. There were some good tracks on the album like “1942” and the beats were impeccable per usual. However, this album was a mirror of his second studio LP “PARTYNEXTDOOR 2” but with a dull reflection.

If it were meant as a sequel, then It should have been a sequel. Not a repeat.

Vocals were off in some tracks, and its clear to hear that he was trying a little too hard to sing in pitches that were not meant for him. I love Party and I stan for him, but P3 was a disappointment.

I was hoping for something a little more intense and fiery. I was hoping for a pink room special, something myself and my significant other, if I had one, would enjoy while making love. However, the album is a great foreplay playlist.

But don’t take my word for it. Head over to your favorite streaming service and listen for yourself, and if you disagree, let us know your opinion.

If you aren’t hip to streaming apps, then listen to a snippet of my personal favorite track on the album below.

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