Everything Was Good When Scienze Talked To IATI About Touring, Marketing As An Indie Artist, And More


This summer has been quite productive for Brooklyn bred emcee Scienze. The Everything Good Tour wrapped up recently, Good Food the album dropped back in May, and there’s still a chunk left to 2016. spoke with the man behind the music in a very organic interview via social media, and got the chance to get up close and personal about his creative process, marketing as an indie artist, and a lot more. Follow Scienze on Instagram @Scienze, and show support by picking up merch and music on How did the Everything Good tour turn out? How did the funding go?


Scienze: Good Food Tour turned out to be a great experience. Especially for an indie artist like myself. We actually raised about half the goal, people supported, family and friends.


IATI: With all the social unrest going now, has that influenced your writing? You’ve always been the type of the artist to dig deep with writing.


Scienze: Thanks umm… I haven’t been writing so much lately, but I’d say the social climate we’re in has influenced my mood, and thought process in planning music out. Things need to be said so I’ve thought about how to sprinkle that in. Make it a message that is heard. Try to affect change and also let fans know what’s going on out here. I’ve done two special verses for collabs that touch on it heavy.


IATI: You’re one of the most persistent artists that I’ve come across. What inspires you and keeps you motivated? It’s definitely not easy as and indie artist.


Scienze: Firstly, God is good and allows me to keep making music and find the means to do it. Life inspires me. Love inspires me A LOT. As does anyone special in my life. I love making music. It’s natural to me. It’s a beautiful process. I get to write what I feel. I love making projects. Thinking of themes and working with producers and fam to get it all together. Also, the set up, the pre marketing set ups, the roll out, the drop.


IATI: Where can fans find those verses you mentioned a moment ago? Are they out yet?


Scienze: Nah. Nothings out yet. Haha, I’m excited for them tho. I’ll tell you that.


IATI: When are the best times for you to write? Did you write at all on tour?


Scienze: Best times for me are anytime I hear production that moves me. I love sunlight, I love writing in the day. Also in a studio setting… where I can move around. I wrote on tour, yea. Recorded as well, different sceneries inspire me. Traveling inspired A Traveling Man. Wrote a lot while I wasn’t at home in a black book… was real cool. Dope way to start and approach a project. Now it’s 4 parts in which I love.


IATI: Yes! A Traveling Man 5… is that dropping soon?


Scienze: Hahaaaa. I can neither confirm nor deny that.


IATI: Okay, okay lol


IATI: Speaking of touring, what have you found to be some of the most memorable places while touring?


Scienze: umm… Europe. I loved being across the pond in Brussels… may be my favorite place to perform at.



IATI: You mentioned marketing earlier, that’s another interesting part about how you put out music. What inspired you to put out music recently as limited releases?


Scienze: Me and King I Divine building on how we can do something different… we came up with putting out A Traveling Man like that. Realized we can gauge our actual fan base that way. Drop it without people knowing, and for only 24 hours. Also making it only available on my website. I also didn’t want the series to interfere with other bigger releases I had.


IATI: Okay, one of the last questions is about the Georgia Tape.


Scienze: All love.


IATI: That was an interesting project. What inspired that?


Scienze: Going to Georgia for my cousin’s wedding, and seeing all of my family and feeling he love hadn’t changed. I used to go to Georgia every summer as a youth, and seeing my fam when I went back last year felt like I never left. I did it for the fam.


IATI: Dope… and here’s an out of the box question. KRS One or Big Daddy Kane?


Scienze: Lmao. Umm… KRS… he’s the one my brother put me on.


IATI: I appreciate you fam! Thanks for letting us touch base with you!


Scienze: All love g. Thank you for supporting.





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