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The Paradigm – Interfering With The Streaming Wars

Kanye was right, the 'paradigm' is shifting faster than ever.

The battle ground of the streaming wars is shifting

The paradigm that Kanye West talks about ever so often is shifting rapidly in the entertainment industry. Its even shifting in politics but not as fast. For those of you who don’t know what a paradigm is, it means a usual way of doing things, a pattern.

We at IATI are for the shift, and fans are getting fed up with the same stars, such as; Beyoncé, Rihanna, Drake, Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj and many more, topping the charts. It may not be that obvious but we want NEW music and NEW artists making the NEW music. What has the world come to.

However, it is thrilling to see the pattern of the music industry changing. Artists are being most creative and releasing their art in many innovative ways. Artists like Beyoncé with Lemonade the visual album, Rihanna with the AntiDiary puzzle and clue quest, and Kanye west with allowing us to be apart of the TLOP mastering journey and pop up shows. The paradigm shift is rapid and everyone is fretting.

What is the music industry going to do now?

It is becoming apparent that the New Age is taking over now with a new quickened pace. Old legends are passing and new legends are rising. But now it is time for the evolution of music to begin and new legends to start to rise and get their feet wet.

But, in order for that happen the whole structure of the music industry has to change, and it will whether or not those who run the industry want it to. The paradigm is shifting faster than ever as new ideas, new projects and new types of music are being created. Now if these new things could only be seen, heard and invested in, we all could be in for a big change for the better.

The industry is in need of new jobs and new money. Now that we have analyzed and come to a conclusion that this change is happening, reflecting back to my Music Streaming article, now is the time to get up and JUMP. We have to jump straight into the industry not following any rules but our own.

Artists are now in control. The shifting paradigm is allowing us to be independent.

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