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Hidinin’s Cheery, But Not So Cheery Debut “Free But Hollow”


Swedish pop duo HIDININ’s new single Free but Hollow is anything but… hollow. The KADAWATHA band mates, Sebastian and Daniel, have been in the studio over the last couple of months experimenting with various pop sounds, and the end result? A catchy pop arrangement presented to the masses as a debut. The minimalistic approach to the production adds to the repeatability power of the track (like that go to classic piece of clothing in your closet you can wear over, and over again for almost any occasion!). Okay, shut up. If you have a better analogy keep it to yourself, just bare with me. The bass riffs fit nicely on the indepop ensemble like a white tee, and your favorite pair of distressed denim. There’s an 80’s feel within the snare, and cool melodic falsetto vocals on the bridge. The idea of “free but hollow,” is sang out simply, but carries such a deep meaning. What does it mean? It goes beyond the context of the track. Perhaps this is a snazzy way to say ignorance is bliss? Essential it’s all about prideful lovers willing to walk away from a salvageable relationship to take a plunge into the abyss, but it’s cleverly conveyed without the dark orchestration that traditionally accompanies such a tale.


Don’t be fooled by the upbeat tempo, it’s just an optimist’s cover up to a horrible break up. Somehow the genius of Sebastian and Daniel is able to intertwine one of the most difficult moments in life with a cheery radio friendly tune. The worrisome chord transitions at the hook and the drawn out “free but hooooollooooow” really drives the message home that you as a listener have just embarked on deep journey into a lover’s regret, and vulnerability. The pop tag team illustrates a sad story with a beautiful backdrop (the part that sparks fan comments such as,“rocking!”). After you get past the repeatability, because it sounds so damn good, and the feeling of doing the Carlton Banks, you may notice tears rolling down your face when you hear “we will go our own separate ways leaving us both in the wild” at about a minute into the song.



Check out the track on soundcloud,, and follow these guys @hidininband. There’s definitely going to more from this band very soon.

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