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Streaming Wars Casualties – UMG Bans Their Artists From Releasing Exclusive Content

UMG Bans their represented artists from releasing exclusive content.

The streaming wars are at their peak

All this talk about Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, and the paradigm-shift may have gotten some entertainers injured in the streaming wars. CEO of Universal Music Group Lucian Grainge banned all artists represented by UMG, Universal Music Group, from releasing exclusive content after Frank Ocean‘s 2-part album release. Ocean’s move not only made record labels casualties in this inevitable war, but also artists. Now that UMG figured out that their artists’ were fed up and got smart enough to potentially knock them out of the park, how will they pick up the pieces from the mess, and change the way they treat and pay their artists?

Streaming Wars Casualties

Apparently rumors about the music industry treating their represented artists like slaves with little pay were true. It’s true that music alone doesn’t sell well but have artists been given proper creative rights to express themselves fully in their art? With creativity comes intellect, all art is profitable and there are many people who love to hear stories, but to experience one is much more memorable and profitable. It seems that artists and record labels now have to team up to win this war between streaming services.

How will record labels and artists come out winners of this war?

Visuals make literary works come to life, and technology is allowing innovative ways to bring music visuals to life. Digital streaming is going nowhere. The gag is, America hates change and adapting. But humans adapt, it evolution, it’s what we do. Every ‘social-medialite’ cries to twitter when something changes and they don’t like, but usually end up dealing with it anyway. The same could be said about apple product consumers when apple software updates. Let’s not even get into inflating gas prices, etc. With every music track there could be a ton of profitable merchandise, experiences, and a ton of loyal fans and potential regulars. Labels should stop being greedy and actually invest in their artists. More money for everyone. Everybody wins. The industry thrives again.

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