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10 Artist/Group Collaborations That Should Happen


There are multiple genres of music and thousands upon thousands of artists, both major and indie, in all of them. When you’re a big music connoisseur and listen to all kinds of different sounds, styles, bands and artists, you often wonder about mixing and matching. It’s fun to consider what it would sound like if artist A did a song with artist B. This particular pop-singer paired up with this particular rock guitarist. That’s honestly an endless route to trek, but it’s one that is still worth exploring.

We’ve recently seen some very successful and talented artist-mashups who have collaborated together and put out music. Like Big Boi of OutKast teaming up with Phantogram to become Big Grams, producing some pretty experimental and electronic-sounding hip-hop music. Elvis Costello joined The Roots and created a classic soul album. But I definitely want to see more team-ups like that and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one. Here are 10 groups/artists who should definitely create not just a song but a full project together.

1.) Travis Barker & Questlove

These are easily the two best drummers and musicians alive in the music industry right now. Both have a real appreciation for all sorts of different music and they’ve both collaborated with several different artists and groups. Of course, they’re both well-known within the hip-hop community. One also can’t help but think these two would be competitive in the studio. Which is exactly what we would want, no matter the genre. These two could definitely make magic together.

2.) Big K.R.I.T. & Alabama Shakes

The Alabama Shakes are fresh off their Grammy-wins for ‘Sounds & Color,’ while Big K.R.I.T. continues to establish himself as one of the best lyricists/producers in hip-hop. K.R.I.T. is from Mississippi, born and raised, and you can take a guess where Alabama Shakes are from. Both have southern roots and make very good music. With Brittany Howard’s amazing vocals, her bandmates and K.R.I.T.’s skills as a producer and rapper, that’s a matchup I would kill to witness.

3.) Eminem & Tyler, the Creator

This one should have been obvious to both artists, and yet this pairing has never happened. You could easily describe Tyler as Eminem mixed with Pharrell Williams, and he has cited both as major influences, especially Pharrell. Eminem, after his hiatus and relapse several years ago, has gone in a different direction with his production. Producers like DJ Khalil, Alex da Kid were featured on his last two albums, and his sound has undeniably gone more “pop.” This has turned a lot of fans off from his music. Tyler is an incredible artist and producer, and since they both have very twisted sense of humor and are incredibly vulgar, one would assume they belong in the studio together. Hopefully this happens before Em retires.

4.) Janelle Monae & Mayer Hawthorne

It’s not everyday that you can find artists who make you feel nostalgic while remaining totally original. Mayer and Janelle are incredible artists who have been around for years, who have their love of soul/R&B music in common. Yet they do have different styles and approaches to their music and both are not nearly as popular as they should be. Even just some sort of joint-EP with 6 to 7 soul songs from these two would be a pretty perfect treat.

5.) Beyonce & D’Angelo

When you’re talking about these two, you’re talking about legends in the music game. D’Angelo released his second studio album ‘Voodoo’ in early 2000, which is still to this day regarded as a classic and a game-changer. Meanwhile, Beyonce’s last two albums have marked an entirely different era in her career where she is firing on all cylinders. You can hear a clear D’Angelo influence on “Rocket” from Bey’s 2013 self-titled album. Just saying, if the Vanguards were in the studio to help back up D and Bey, that might be too much greatness to handle.

6.) Chance the Rapper & Childish Gambino

Chance and Gambino are a match made in heaven. They’ve worked on a couple of songs together, one being the track “They Don’t Like Me” from Gambino’s ‘ROYALTY’ mixtape. But no, that isn’t enough. We need a full length project from these two rappers, who clearly have solid chemistry on the mic. Childish Gambino asked Chance to join him on his 2012 tour as his opening act and it seems like the two have been tight ever since. Chance was supposed to have a verse on “The Worst Guys” from Gambino’s 2013 album ‘Because the Internet,’ but that didn’t happen even though he apparently had it written.

7.) Gary Clark Jr. & Black Keys

There aren’t a lot of rock artists who join forces and collaborate with one another on projects. Everybody should be familiar with Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, and they’re one of the best bands in the industry right now. Specifically, when it comes to that blues-rock sound and fusion, Gary Clark Jr. is another artist and musician who perfects that really well. All three are talented musicians and there’s no doubt they could make some killer music together.

8.) Jamiroquai & Pharrell Williams

Pharrell is a musical chameleon, he’s done production in so many different musical genres. That’s part of the reason why he’s so amazing. Jamiroquai have incorporated disco, funk, soul, acid-jazz, pop and R&B into their music, and they’ve been making albums since 1993. It’s odd to think that Pharrell hasn’t been involved with the production on any of Jamiroquai’s albums. He would honestly be a perfect fit for their sound. Jamiroquai is supposed to be releasing a new album this year, let’s hope it features plenty of help from Skateboard P.

9.) Adele & Jack White

I never would have predicted that Jack White would do production for a Beyonce song but it happened. Jack is an incredibly accomplished musician and pretty much everything he touches or is involved with is amazing. Besides Beyonce, another top-tier singer is Adele. These two artists don’t make the same kind of music, but I’m curious to hear what they would sound like together. They could actually compliment each other real nicely, with her soulful vocals over Jack’s rock-Americana-style production.

10. Frank Ocean & Beck

This pairing becomes very obvious after listening to both of their latest projects, Frank’s ‘Blonde’ and Beck’s ‘Morning Phase.’ Both projects carry a lot of modesty and don’t rely on heavy production. When thinking of these two being in the studio together, one cannot possibly predict what the outcome will be. That admittedly is part of the reason as to why they’d be a great match. Beck’s production-discography stretches across several different genres, and Frank Ocean is making it clear that he can’t simply be placed in the R&B category.

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