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AlunaGeorge: Let This Electronic Music Duo Be Your ‘Mediator’


Aluna Francis and George Reid are AlunaGeorge – a music duo that combines elements of electronic, pop synth and R&B to make beautiful music. All of which is evident in their newest single, “Mediator.” Aluna handles the singing and songwriting, while George takes care of the instrumentation and production, as always. Anyone who is keeping an eye out for fresh approaches to R&B and soul music should pay attention, especially since their second studio album, ‘I Remember,’ is coming out September 16.

“Mediator” is a smooth and sultry track, with Aluna affirming that she can mediate this conundrum between two lovers. “Let me talk to him, let me be your friend/he’s no good for you, he don’t need your help,” Francis sings during the hook. Friendship can never be undervalued and here, she’s giving her friend the cold, hard truth that her man just may not be worth this much effort. Reid’s instrumentation underneath it all makes that bitter pill much easier to swallow. A lovely use of strings and synths accompany Aluna’s incredibly sweet vocals, with the occasional ting of triangles and the strings of a harp.

AlunaGeorge has a tremendous roster of artists from which they pull their inspiration, such as Flying Lotus, Aaliyah and Hudson Mohawke. This is no surprise, considering how good the music is. It’s refreshing to hear, and this due has a sound that is sure to carry them very far.

Listen to AlunaGeorge’s “Mediator” down below for yourself. You can buy the track on iTunes and pre-order their album ‘I Remember.’

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