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Sarah C. is a ‘Safe’ Bet for Soul Music


Whoever said R&B and Soul music were dead has never heard of Sarah C.

Des’ree, Joss Stone, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Sarah C. The lineup will be inevitable – neosoul singers with deep, rich voices that are striking in comparison to their outer appearances. Dressed in classic 1940’s lounge singer style, Sarah C.’s video for “My Safety,” the debut single from her EP “Fearless,” is in black and white, which is perfect so it will not detract from her strikingly heavy voice. The juxtaposition of her feminine garb to a voice that no one could ever confuse for being too passive or unremarkable is a perfect addition to her lyrics that detail what a strong woman she is.

The first line of her song states, “I won’t die if you leave my side tonight/And I won’t fall if you’re thinking of walking out on me.” The power behind those lines is made more exuberant by the fierceness of her voice. The song is about the lack of desire to try and have a happy relationship with someone who is fighting her at every turn. Instead of singing in a falsetto or soprano, Sarah C. keeps the soul alive in a rich alto, deeper than those of pop ballads about independent women. She exaggerates and draws out her words like CeCe Peniston, and, in small hints, a listener will be able to tell that Sarah C. has a very large range that can probably be heard on other tracks, as she hits the lowest possible notes we could hear and pops right back into her medium tones in a manner that only musical greats like Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey could manage.

Adding to the cool groove of the song is a backing track reminiscent of Maxwell’s “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder).” It’s a mellow, upbeat track that you’d two-step to and not fear spilling your drink. Sarah C.’s sultry vocals laced on top of the beat provide a layer of smooth atop a foundation of pop-soul.“My Safety” is sung in a style that is definitely for the grown and sexy, but with lyrics that today’s strong women can identify with, she will be able to cross over and resonate with a younger crowd.

You can download “My Safety” on iTunes and watch the video below.

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Hope Carter
Hailing from "Screwston," Texas, Hope has been immersed in music since birth, first being exposed to Motown by her parents, then discovering her love for all genres as she trained as a dancer. Her unique set of life experiences growing up in Houston's Historic Third Ward as a lower middle class child, attending schools in more affluent neighborhoods, all the while attending an international church in which she was very involved, created her open-minded approach to music and art. Hope is very socially conscious, and prefers to take songs as a whole - both lyrically and sonically - before making her final judgment on their quality. As a dancer, she is inclined to be interested to anything she can move to, but her Dirty South roots give her room to appreciate a more laidback, chill (screwed) vibe. Her taste in music continues to change as she discovers new artists and as genres evolve.