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The Guide To Sampling Music


Music Sampling is taking the spotlight. Artists are starting to figure out that everything old can be made new again. Sampling music is merely taking a snippet from a song of your choice and adding it to your work.

When remaking or sampling music, one has to be careful. If you ignorantly bypass the legalities, be ready for lots of backlash. One thing to remember is to always check for copy-write and licensing information. Performance rights organizations such as, BMI and ASCAP are good places to get information on getting permission to sample works. To play it safe, Soundcloud is a great place to upload your music, and get a little of initial exposure.

How much is too much when sampling?

You don’t want to remake something you intended to sample, especially if there’s a copy-write. Kanye West loves to sample music, as we all know. The original work in which he took samples from for his latest track Fade is the 80’s oldie Mystery of Love by Fingers Inc.

New artists have to play around with what inspires them as practice with their creative expression. Taking samples from your favorite artists’ music will flatter them and take you on a journey to meet your soul.

Fever by Little Willie John is the first stop on my journey to meet my soul.

It was originally written by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell and originally recorded by Little Willie John in 1956.



This oldie has been remade plenty by artist such as, Elvis Presley, Madonna, and the Queen Bey herself. The original version had a bit of a faster tempo compared to the remake by Beyoncé, which is my personal favorite.



Bey’s version of Fever is the epitome of emotional builds in music. Only just a preview for a work that Beyoncé would soon name Lemonade.

This slower tempo, that Beyoncé went with worked to her favor. It sounded both similar to the original and completely different at the same time.

Everything about the song stayed the same minus a few lyrics, the instruments, and the tempo, which builds suspense for the high peaks throughout the song. Making the story being told all the more interesting.

This is a perfect example of a remake. She remade the song and dripped her own sweet honey on it, bringing something hot from the 50’s into the 2000’s.

The original version built suspense but only to a level which stayed even throughout the rest of the song. Beyoncé had the opportunity to hone in her vocal and literary skills by just tweaking small parts that could have either made or broken the track. Just her luck she made it golden.

Sampling music is just like writing a research paper for english, as a result of following the guidelines you’re going to get a good grade. Good grades eventually turn into good pay.

Every artist has to know their soul. Join me on my journey to find mine and harness my gold within, starting with my first single ‘Heaven on Earth’ featuring a good friend of mine Tone Classic, premiering on Sept. 29th.

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