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Ready To Breakout, Colony House sets up “Only The Lonely”


Caleb and Will Chapman are very familiar to success, growing up watching their father, Steven Curtis Chapman, become a Christian music legend. While they haven’t yet matched the status of their father, they appear to be on their way to making a name for themselves in the much wider genre of Alt-Rock. Caleb and Will started playing music with guitarist Scott Mills, all the way back in 2009, initially as “Caleb” before changing their name to Colony House, after an apartment complex in their hometown of Franklin, TN, in which they all lived at some point.  Colony House looks to tap into the family success with the upcoming release of their second album Only The Lonely.

Their debut album, When I Was Younger, put Colony House on the map after self-releasing three EPs. Featuring the single “Silhouettes,” When I Was Younger made it to #34 on Billboards Independent Albums chart following its release in 2014, and landed them a slot on NEEDTOBREATHE’s “Tour de Compadres.” When I Was Younger is a unique blend of genres, and displays immense talent in their songwriting and musicianship, while Caleb excelled as a vocalist bringing a strong base to the band’s overall sound. They bring up a lot of comparisons in their sound, but nobody is making music quite like that of Colony House today. sound

Colony House looks to make a big jump with their sophomore album, Only The Lonely, set for release on September 16. With two singles released so far, Only The Lonely appears to be much more rock-oriented than the more pop sound of When I Was Younger, with influences from Arctic Monkeys to Queen. Dealing with the struggles of being on the road as a young band, the first single from Only The Lonely “You Know It” introduced the new sound. “You Know It” calls on classic sounds similar to early Beatles records and 60’s surf-rock. While the second single “You & I” offers a much more modern sound. A dynamic performance with changing rhythms and a pretty awesome Queen-like swell towards the end, “You & I” might be the strongest song of their short career. They sound confident in their musicianship and in their ability to succeed in this industry. They are developing even more uniqueness in their style than they did on their debut, expanding on their guitar riffs and adding some more beautiful harmonies.

Following in the footsteps of Death Cab for Cutie, Arctic Monkeys and Twenty-One Pilots, Colony House should be the next big thing in Alt-Rock. Only The Lonely will be released September 16, 2016, you can get “You & I” and “You Know It” now.

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