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SOHN Reintroduces Himself with “Signal”


For the first time since 2014, we have new music from SOHN with the release of “Signal.” The London born electronic artist Christopher Taylor started using the moniker SOHN since 2012 and released his debut album Tremors in 2014. Tremors gained some traction in the UK, reaching the top 40 on album charts and the top 10 on indie charts, but never really made waves in the US.

Since Tremors, Taylor has worked with Lana Del Rey, BANKS, and more on various collaborations and productions. Now, Taylor dives back into SOHN with “Signal,” which carries the same basic elements that worked on Tremors. Taylor’s smooth and solemn vocal drives the dark emotion of the song. SOHN stands out as one of the few electronic artists to keep his compositions very understated and intentional.

“Signal” doesn’t offer much in the way of growth, however, as it sounds like it would have fit just fine on Tremors. After a four-year hiatus, one would generally expect a new direction or an expanded sound. Still, “Signal” is a good song and any chance to listen to Taylor’s vocals and songwriting is welcomed.

Hopefully, the upcoming album, which doesn’t have a name or release date yet, will offer more expansion on SOHN’s sound than on “Signal.” Without more growth, Taylor shouldn’t expect this new album to be more successful than its predecessor.

Listen below to “Signal” and check out the new video on YouTube.

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