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Frank Ocean Is Making Millions Off Of ‘Blonde’ – Album Is Back On Spotify


Frank Ocean choosing to walk away from Def Jam and Universal was probably the smartest decision he could have made. Frank has since created his own indie record label, Boys Don’t Cry, on which his sophomore studio album Blond(e) was released. In short, this has made Ocean a very rich man.

Sources have reportedly told Forbes that the singer could be earning between $5.00 and $7.50 for each copy of the album shared on iTunes for $9.99. Under normal circumstances, if he had stayed under Def Jam and Universal, he would probably have around half a million from album sales as of right now, and it would have been less if the label had given him an advance.

This was a huge, brilliant move for Frank Ocean and it’s certainly going to have an effect on the industry moving forward. Normally an artist would make something between $1.50 and $2.00 for every copy of their album. It also doesn’t hurt that Blond(e) officially started streaming on Spotify last week, September 9. Although if you were playing the album, you would have noticed it seemed to have disappeared from the service momentarily.

Fader reports that it was simply a “small technical error” that was responsible for the album briefly being unavailable. But the album is now streaming again.

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