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Kings Of Leon’s Video For ‘Waste A Moment’ Is An Eccentric ’80s Horror Flick


Kings of Leon shared their single, “Waste a Moment,” last week, the first single from their forthcoming album Walls. The song is about a man and woman who are seemingly perfect for each other, since they’re both electrifying personalities. The music video for the single, however, seems to paint a completely different story. One involving cops, telekinetic cheerleaders and members of the band playing their instruments while blindfolded.

With the way that it’s filmed along with the cinematography, the atmosphere of the video feels like that of one of those cult-classic horror films from the early ’80s, or even late ’70s. There’s a storyline playing out here and it’s certainly trippy. It may remind you of something like Stranger Things. Try and decipher the meaning of the video yourself and share your thoughts down below. Walls is out on October 14.

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