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Handsome Ghost Creates New Pop Sound On “The Brilliant Glow”


If “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey is just a little too EDM for your taste, then Handsome Ghost should be able to fill that divide. The new EP The Brilliant Glow is one of the more complete EP’s out there. The electronic project from Boston native Tim Noyes is hitting its stride and is poised for a big break.

Handsome Ghost opens The Brilliant Glow on with what should be the breakout hit “Graduate.” Noyes smooth vocal drives the beautiful lyrics, and the production fits in with the biggest radio hits. While “Graduate” easily fits as a typical radio hit, there is something unique about it. You can still hear the times Noyes may have played it at an open mic night in Boston underneath the pop production. The personal aspect of the lyrics makes Handsome Ghost standout and is what has driven their rise to this point.

“Eyes Wide” and “Promises” are a little more dance driven, but the personal aspect is still there. It’s clear that these songs are connected and there is a glow to these songs. Especially “Eyes Wide,” you can tell that there is a sense of hope behind the song that drives the feeling forward. Noyes describes the songs as “…all dark, with a touch of light,” and that light is readily evident on these two songs.

“Lions” slows things down a little and brings the more typical emotion of Handsome Ghost. The piano driven ballad is a little darker than the previous two tracks but you still can feel the hope in the lyrics about fighting back against tough times. “Lions” further establishes Noyes ability to craft catchy melodies and hooks. His shimmering voice fits perfectly on top of the subtle pop production.

The final song “Didn’t I Fade” brings a Bon Iver-esque ambience and does it well. This song closes out the The Brilliant Glow on a much different note than the rest of the songs, but it certainly leaves you wanting to hear more. Bringing in strings on top of the vocals and synths really create a beautiful soundscape and show Handsome Ghost’s brilliant production talents.

The Brilliant Glow is a prelude to an album sometime in the early part of 2017. If “Graduate” and “Eyes Wide” are the type of songs we can expect from the album, we can be sure that Handsome Ghost is here to stay. The careful vocals and songwriting will, hopefully, put Handsome Ghost on the top of the charts as pop music needs the type of sincerity shown on The Brilliant Glow

Watch the lyric video for “Graduate” below and get The Brilliant Glow on Apple Music or Spotify.

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