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Tegan And Sara’s Video For “Stop Desire” Will Have You Thinking Of Sex


Music duo Tegan and Sara are on tour for their Love You to Death album. And still doling out music videos. After a string of visuals for singles off the album, the latest is “Stop Desire,” which makes not-so-subtle hints and references to sex and in a lighthearted and humorous way. Even while they’re getting errands done, at the laundromat or the post office, everyone seems to be thinking of only one thing. Sex.

“Director Allister Ann created a colorful treatment that included highly descriptive vignettes that really piqued our interest,” Tegan wrote, on their official website. “The idea of having Sara and me live out a day in this strange and colorful world – where we remain straight-faced while encountering highly suggestive characters doing every day things – really made us laugh.”

Check out the video for “Stop Desire” below.

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