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Adele Sells Over 10 Million Copies Of ’25’ – Diamond In Less Than A Year


Adele’s latest album has officially gone diamond. When her third studio album 25 was released back in November last year, it could only be downloaded or purchased physically. The album was nowhere to be found on any streaming services, such as Apple Music or Spotify.

“I believe music should be an event,” says Adele. “I know that streaming music is the future, but it’s not the only way to consume music.” 25 was the fastest selling album in the history of Britain, with over 800,000 copies sold in its first week alone. So it is no surprise that the album has now officially reached 10 million sold.

Britney Spears was able to get two diamond album certifications back to back in America. With her debut album in 1999, Baby One More Time and then her 2000 sophomore album Oops I Did It Again. Over 16 years later and Adele is the only woman to have done the same thing since. Two years after her sophomore album 21 wa released, it hit over 10 million in sales.

If she keeps moving at this rate, maybe her fourth album will go diamond even faster. Though it wasn’t critically praised like her previous album, this album is still special for this alone.

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