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Keke Palmer Teaches The Cheating Boyfriend A Lesson In ‘Reverse Psychology’


Reverse Psychology


What makes a good music video? Is it the visuals or the audio/visual connection?

A good music visual has to meet 5 basic viewers standards. These basic standards are what makes viewers run and tell their friends about what they’ve seen. An artists’ fans are their number one promoters, but the game has changed and you have to earn your promotion. A cute face wont do it anymore. Is there a good attention getter? Does the visual have good transitions? Does the visual story connect to the sonic story? How does the visual rank in objectivity? And lastly how well does the artists show their passion for said visual?

KeKe Palmer surely wowed us all with her latest music visual titled Reverse Psychology. But did she meet all of the viewers standards? Lets find out.

The video starts with an amazing dance scene, which was a great attention getter. Music visuals don’t need a lot of back up dancers throughout the entire visual now-days. Artists should surely save that for live performances.

After the dance scene gathers our attention the story unfolds. You see Keke and her boyfriend arguing, most likely because she found out he was cheating. He is defending himself as all guys try to do when in the position, and as the visual progresses the tables turn or reverse and now Keke is defending herself.

The visual story connected very well with the sonic story in my subjective opinion. The song is about a girl finding out her boyfriend cheated. She tries to explain to him that if the tables were in fact turned and she cheated, all the things he’s telling her, he couldn’t handle listening to.

The visual/sonic connection answers the question of objectivity. The visual was very objective because of the great connection. Music visuals have to be objective in order to get good feedback. Everyone should be neutral throughout the visual leaving their biased opinions at the start.

However, it is the artists’ and directors job to make sure that happens by entailing a good visual/sonic connection. Nudity, and popular celebrities are what makes a music visual subjective. Then it just becomes a popularity contest and not a talent contest.

Keke is a passionate actor we all know that, but her dancing could use a little more passion. I know artists hate being compared to Beyoncé but she knows to hit every move like it was her last. Fans want to see you work for every bit of attention they give.

Overall the visual was amazing and enjoyable. Keke Palmer is bringing it. She stepped foot into the music industry and is on her way to being a crossover legend. Crossing over from acting into music seems like a piece of cake but it is not, and she is making it look easy.


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