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Still Pirating Music From YouTube? Lawsuits From Record Labels May End That


It’s no secret. Millions of people have downloaded music from the internet and still continue to do so. Whether they used BitTorrent or simply ripped songs from YouTube. But things haven’t completely fallen apart. Streaming services have actually helped the music industry. But that isn’t stopping the major record labels from putting a stop to plucking songs off the internet without paying for it.

Sony, Atlantic, Warner Bros., Universal and more have taken legal action. Lawsuits are being filed against one website in particular – This German company sure has made it easy for online users to download music, and the labels are not having it.

They’ve been cracking the numbers and it seems like we’re beginning to reach the boiling point. They say “tens, or even hundreds, of millions of tracks are illegally copied and distributed by stream-ripping services each month.”

“Stream ripping has become a major threat to the music industry. Functioning as an unlawful substitute for the purchase of recorded music and the purchase of subscriptions to authorised streaming services,” according to the labels.

What are the labels seeking in damages? Nearly $150,000 for each time a song was pirated. They’ve listed up to 300 songs that have been pirated. When you do the math, that comes to $45,000,000. In addition, the labels are moving to get these third party sites banned all together.

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