Young Singer-Songwriter Jonas Park Proves Great Talent Doesn’t Have An Age


If you want to identify Jonas Park, imagine a young alternative singer-songwriter, who’s an avid cook and a free spirit who has a thing for frequently dyeing his hair.

Residing from New York, the singer has been involved in the creation of music for what he considers to be “a long time” but more recently has immersed himself in his production process to begin to create what he feels is a great sound. His subject matter varies but places a keen focus on his life’s experiences growing up in the suburbs as it’s what he relates to the most.

Jonas is a multi-instrumentalist, playing both the guitar and piano of which he uses to construct the foundation of his songs. From there he takes total control developing the lyrics, melody and vocal production of the piece allowing breathing room for the project to flow naturally together. He cites Sara Bareilles, Kacey Musgraves and Pat Monahan from Train as major influences on who he has become as a songwriter and Ryan Tedder and Gavin Degraw as largely influential to his vocal style. In his own words, Jonas’s style is “alternative, pop rock and a little bit of soul.”

Currently, Jonas has released his first single, Suburban Forest, and is working on an EP he hopes to release before the end of his senior year in high school. Ultimately, he wants to do what he loves the most, create and perform songs and we think he’s young enough to see all of these dreams come true.

Do yourself a favor and check out Jonas, @jonasparkntb and listen to his single below:


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