Kevon Pagis Shows Us “A Brave New World”


Louisiana-born artist Kevon Pagis was influenced by a number of great artists and bands. Including ACDC, Pimp C, Kanye West as well as Nirvana. His new song “A Brave New World” sounds like something that could have been on 808s & Heartbreak. Kevon is also able to craft emotional lyrics, with a catchy hook.

This track is featured on his latest album Delirium. This project is able to encompass a laundry list of different genres and sounds.

“My art is all over, it’s everything. I cover all views. From being the shooter to the person being shot or from Gods perspective to the sinners perspective. I cultivate every emotion I ever had. The vibrations I send out will alter the vibrations of the listener. Which is all we have and is essentially the best form of communication.”

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