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Kid Cudi ‘Surfin’ ft. Pharrell Williams

Surfin’ Review

I’m not really familiar with Kid Cudi‘s music so I apologize if I come off too hard. I’ve only heard a couple of his most popular tracks while participating in good music worthy activities, tracks such as; Day ‘N’ Nite, Pursuit of Happiness, and my personal favorite Balmain Jeans. All of which intensifies the listeners emotions to the highest levels. Cudi’s new single featuring Pharrell Williams, Surfin’, is a lot different from the stoner sound I grew familiar with.

This new sound has more of a Reggae-Pop feel, featuring a sort of “Rasta” dialect, with an energetic pop style beat. The songs aesthetic is what makes the track spin, however, I’m not sure his passion for the reggae sound he’s going for in this track is maximized enough to evoke peak emotion. If you are going to take a ride down the reggae route, get to know the culture on the ride. It would make you more in tune and creative with the sound, evoking maximum emotion from the listener.

The subject matter of the track connects with the rant Kid Cudi previously had on Twitter.

He vented about the music industry and the “fake” artists’ with ghost writers. In the track Cudi lets everyone know he’s riding his own wave, and not anyone else’s. He talks more about his feelings about the music industry in this track.

The industry is so full of shit
Welcome y’all to the enema
Nah man that’s subliminal
Cause they insecure, they know who they are

The lyrics and the melody both connect with the tempo of the energetic beat, making the track perfect for a gym playlist or a pre-game playlist for a Friday night out. The versatility of the track is its greatest weapon because of its high stream probability. Kid Cudi is amazing us all with a glimpse of his versatility, but is there more to come? Let us know what you think of the track after your listen.

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