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Bitter’s Kiss Shows Us “My God” In Many Different Forms

Chloe Baker is bitter’s kiss, an indie-pop singer and songwriter. She’s grown up surrounded by music and uses the process of writing as a diary. Her songs are very personal and explore some pretty thought-provoking ideas, and all of this has helped her build a following. “My God” is probably the best example, with the video being the ultimate selling point. A sobering concept, the song touches on faith through the lense of religion. It’s breaking through the outer barriers to reveal that we are all one in the same, regardless of which God they choose to worship.

We’re given glimpses of different faces and beautiful religious imagery stretching all across the globe. The message of the piece begins to settle in, as the song effortlessly makes it obvious. But it does so subtly, as well.

“‘My God’ is my reaction to the irony in religious conflict,” bitter’s kiss says herself. “Religious beliefs are most often promoted as ways to make us better people, but can also be used to justify violence against others, with both sides believing that God is on their side. The idea for the video was to show sameness and humanity in our different religious expressions.”

Chloe’s soothing voice as well as the warm sound of the instrumentation is sure to capture your interest. The playfulness of the hook adds to the song’s charm, as well as the repetition. You can watch the video up above and let us know your thoughts down below. You can keep up with bitter’s kiss on Soundcloud and Facebook.

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