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Eric B. & Rakim Are Back And Heading Out On Tour

Eric B. & Rakim Are Back And Heading Out On Tour

Eric B. & Rakim are back, but they never really left to begin with. The two hip-hop legends were nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011. You may have also heard them on that awesome Luke Cage playlist. But now you’ll be able to see them perform live. Eric B. & Rakim, in a series of tweets, have confirmed they’re going on tour.

“It’s official. You heard it here first. We are back. Preparations are under way for #EricBandRakim’s return. It’s been a long time,” they wrote on Twitter. The duo was even kind enough to let the fans decide on the starting destination for the tour. Your choices are New York, Las Vegas, London as well as Australia.

Be sure to cast your vote if you’re trying to see these two perform live again. They split up in 1993 but came together on stage in 2010, when they were inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. As of right now, those four locations are the ones that have been mentioned. Maybe they’ll be putting out an official list of tour dates in the near future. Also be sure to let us know your thoughts on Eric B. & Rakim reuniting.

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