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Welcome To The Spectrum

Welcome to The Spectrum, you may enter worthy one.

On the electromagnetic spectrum(EM spectrum) there are 7 fragments, groups of waves that radiate our mother planet from beyond.

The test placed upon Mars is to find the unknown, will he conquer his hardest obstacle before his opponents beat him to it?

How awful would it be for his precious gold to be stolen?

I challenge you to get into the mind of Mars Amun. View his reality, since you’ve already toured his dreamland.

A black man out on his own. His skin color is the least of his worries yet times are making it his biggest one yet. He is the light inside the darkness. “What exactly does that mean?” Mars thinks to himself.

Of the seven fragments in the EM spectrum there are Radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, visible light, ultraviolet waves, x-rays, and gamma waves. Visible light is most tricky of the seven. Light projected by the sun is a mixture of all visible colors on the rainbow spectrum. As a kid Mars always wondered if black and white were actual colors or a mix of them. Could he finally have found the answer to his most important childhood question?

Black is the absence of light furthermore, it is no color. There is no visible light in which we see color. It is similar to a woman without a child, or a life without family. However light does succeed darkness, an inevitable cycle. Black is woman, the weaker negative charge.

White is light, much as a black man who becomes a father at a young age and is burdened with heavy responsibility. White is working so hard to show all of the colors in the rainbow, which is not easy. Especially with the absence of water or a reflection. White makes a way out of no way, and figures out a way to show them all in one process. White is man, the stronger positive charge.

What happens when the two mix?

When Black and White mix, they become immortalized. The create Gray much as the middle. Gray acts as a barrier, it is no color and is far from darkness. Under the barrier is something spectacular, something that Black and White have been blindly working towards together. If only they knew. Gray is the barrier.

Mars radiates Hathor’s’ ears, as he cries out to her.

Rings of fire, passion & nude attire

He caresses my mind, my spirit, and my spine

Tell me, let me know

Why can’t I have it?

You let it grow

Why is this forbidden?”

Installment 2/3

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