Erich Mrak Wants To See If You Can “Float”

Erich Mrak Wants To See If You Can "Float"
Young, upcoming artist Erich Mrak always seeks new heights, pushes the limits and embraces new challenges.

Erich Mrak is striving to be a perfectionist. He’s been writing music for years in Canada, since he was 7-years-old. In addition, Erich is involved in the producing of instrumentals, as well. Take his latest song, “Float,” for example. It’s got a fresh, easy going, indie-pop sound, thanks to producer Bento. Erich employs a bit of a hip-hop vibe when he appears on the track with his vocals. Though the track is short, it does become infectious and catchy, it leaves you wanting more. The perfect kind of music to just chill out and vibe to.

“Float” is Erich’s first release since his 4-track EP Retrospect. Erich continues to work on his next EP, Healed.

You can find Erich Mrak on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Soundcloud. Let us know how you feel about him.

*Photo/artwork by @bra.deau

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