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The Spectrum ‘Yellow’ Beyoncé Isn’t Intuitive She’s Intelligent


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” –Stephen Hawking

In exchange for the advice you gave me, sister, I will give you a lesson. The lesson Beyoncé was trying to teach all women. Welcome to How to Seduce a Man 101. There are a couple of thing you need to know, things you did wrong. Just as a woman wants a man who proves he is different from the rest, a man wants a woman who never gives him what he wants. All men want women who make them wait. That is until he proves he deserves what he’s waiting for. That’s when you know you got him for good. Talk to him, figure out what his heart desires most, then hold it over his head. If he’s the one, he’ll wait. If not then you deserve better.

“You can taste the dishonesty, it’s all over your breath.” Do not fall for the lies men will tell you, it’s all just a game. Listen to what he says, laugh a little, then wait to see if he was honest. Play along, make him think he has you, but never give him what he wants. “I’m prayin’ to catch you whispering,” even though all men hate jealous women. Why get jealous of another woman, are you not confident in yourself? Men love confident women. “I pray you catch me listening,” even though that’s not at all a good move. If a man knows that you are jealous of other women that have his attention, you’ve already lost his attention. You are now vulnerable to his sexual appetite.

“I tried to make a home out of you.”

Men don’t want you to make them your home, most of us want a home to come to. Yes I do say “us” because I too am a man. Make a home for them, independence is flattering. Men need territory, because the world is so selfish. We need something to protect to make us feel confident. Men want women to express their weaker vulnerable traits even though we know how strong you are. We want to feel strong even though we may not always look the part. Never make a man feel weak, only his mother has the right to do so.

“But doors lead to trap doors,” and long ago God opened the door of real power to his children, the Gods. He sent them on a journey in hopes that they would succeed it and prove worthy of their power. During their journey many lost their power, it was only a test. A test to see whether or not they could survive without it. This was the trap door, and once they figured out the way to open it, their power would return. Men put women through this same test today. It was a secret lesson succeeded from father to son. The ’90-day rule’ is apart of a woman’s journey, only men don’t take away your power, it’s your job to know when to do so.

“I tried to change, closed my mouth more.”

You try to be more like the girls he likes. Never change yourself for someone else. “I tried to be softer, prettier, less awake.” You are beautiful just the way you are, wake up! If he doesn’t see it then he doesn’t deserve you.

I’ve learned never to be someone else, envy and jealousy get you no where. You’ll find multiple individuals in your lifetime who like you for you, and one of those individuals will like you just a little bit more than the rest. Live your life because you have no other, be yourself, love yourself. Never let a man make you who he wants you to be. He has the job to find who he wants, not change who he doesn’t.

Drink a glass of LEMONADE, and you’ll be able to read between the lines, just as I did.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you never made a name for yourself
Or mastered wealth, they had you labeled as a king

Never made it out the cage, still out there movin’ in them streets
Never had the baddest woman in the game up in your sheets
Would they be down to ride?

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