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The Spectrum ‘Orange’ Kanye Isn’t Cocky He’s Confident

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 18: Musician Kanye West performs onstage at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival at MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 18, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

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“It’s not too much fun to know yourself too well or think you do – everyone needs a little conceit to carry them through & past the falls.” –Marilyn Monroe

I love ordering takeout, Chinese takeout to be specific. My favorite part about Chinese takeout, fortune cookies. I’m very superstitious, and fortune cookies give me the hope that I need to continue my days. Last night my fortune cookie read “Get your mind-set… Confidence will lead you on.” Maybe this is what Kanye says to himself before he starts his day. Just because you put on a confident face, does not mean that you are. Conceit sometimes acts as a crutch until you can walk in confidence. As a Global Icon, you have to play confident, people wouldn’t consider you an icon if you show weakness. The world listens to those that know they can get the job done, you can’t influence others if you know not.

Confidence is a million dollar acting gig, and the character is you.

“Man I can understand how it might be kinda hard to love a girl like me.” You saw me out last night. It was Saturday, and the turn up was real. I couldn’t see you though, because I was blind. My crown hovered my eyes, and everyone could see my royalty; I couldn’t. It was like my eyes were a magnet, and they were drawing everyone closer, except you.

My dream is to change the world, a job not designed for the weak. I have to grow thick in skin on my body. I have to play confident. You may not always like what I do for attention or enjoy the time I spend working, but it’s my choice. I can understand if you can’t handle me, no one has the ability to control me. It’s a sacrifice I had to take for my gold.

“I don’t blame you much for wanting to be free.” I just wanted you to know, I noticed you’re every attempt. The music, the lights, the competition, but nothing was tempting enough. My crown wasn’t coming off. I, the spectator, watched the muscle and protection around my area, it was almost enough. I felt a little safe but too confined, the room was a bit small and leaking.

“Yeah we still hood famous.”

I say it in moderation, because I’m humble. Is it such a terrible thing to know that you can get the job done, and better than the rest? I channel Kanye in that sense, he doesn’t know that his confident behavior invites negativity to play at his door. However, has he ever lied about what he could accomplish? Take his random and unfiltered speeches for instance; iconic right? MTV now grants him “Kanye Time” during awards shows. Taylor Swift also grants him use of her name, since well, he did what was necessary and put her at the center of the attention he caused. Who knew or cared for a Taylor Swift before Kanye acted on his self thought PR stunt? Kanye West is a true friend in disguise.

“Real friends, how many of us?”

As a Halloween special, I decided to dress up. I wanted to cause attention; socially, emotionally, and politically. I wanted, not only to look good, but to also make a statement. I couldn’t, however, take on such a huge task on my own. Which is why I pulled in help and expertise from the ones closest to me, without asking. “How many of us? How many jealous?” I wanted attention, and attention was looking for me, but my eyes were covered and I was blind, you see. “How many honest? Trust issues.” I heard them talking, saying “Who is he?” My friends had my back though, “If you don’t know who he is you dumb, B.”

In today’s generation, the only way to generate attention, is to be the attention. You have to cause a scene, get everyone talking. Talk is just that, and if you don’t have a topic with your name headlining, you’re attention fades.

“When no one ain’t around, I think I think too much.” 

I get lonely during the week, I’m something of a loner. The mirrors are my only friend, even though the guy reflected isn’t. I get tired of it you know, him being my only confidant. That’s why I need you, you keep me grounded. You keep me entertained. “Ain’t nobody watchin’ I just fade away.” My power is my secret weapon, it works only when I am love. Don’t let my love fade away.

You don’t even know, I’ve been so far gone (I feel it)
I’ve been so led on, I’ve been runnin’ ’round (I feel it)
I’ve been on my shit, whole world on my dick (I feel it)
I just need to know (I can feel it)

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