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The Spectrum ‘Red’ Rihanna Isn’t Anti She’s Angry


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“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” –Pablo Picasso

As I undress, relieving myself of the stress the week has caused, I sit relaxed in a boiling hot tub of water. The floating suds reflect light separating colors for me to see. Red is the most vibrant of them all, the final color, completing the visible rainbow spectrum.

As I stare at the reflected red, I begin to see anger. It’s been growing inside me for some time now. It begins to release as I take my chosen career path into consideration. “I got to do things my own way,” Rihanna taught me that. She speaks to me in Anti. Red drips from little Robyn’s body as she receives sacred knowledge about where she is headed in life in the years to come. She is blind to the royalty in her blood.

Anti translates to Anger

“I’d rather be smoking weed, whenever we breath,” James Joint interludes as I ponder laws preventing that from happening, laws preventing a heaven on earth. Rihanna and I share the same anger. All the years no one would take her serious because of her image. Yes, she smokes cannabis, and loves to showcase her magnificent nude body that she’s worked so hard to maintain. Her appeal and desirability is her power. She loves her body as we all should our home planet. Taking care of your body or home means that you sacrifice time to maintain the beauty and health you have been given. This is why no one would take her serious, jealousy.

Rihanna is also a very successful and intelligent business woman. Her intellect played a major role in everything she’s accomplished. For example, her Samsung deal wasn’t all because of Jay-Z, and her fashion accolades speak for her. Something no one seems to understand. It’s not easy trying to create something that a lot of people like or wear. It’s also a lot of hard work and dedication, running a fashion show, managing models, designers, and finances.

Of course Rihanna manages her own finances. We all remember the last person whom she hired to do so almost put her in debt. “Bitch better have my money.” When she needed it most her intellect came in to save the day as she prepared for her ‘777 Tour,’ 7 Countries, 7 Shows, in 7 days. She needed to replace what someone had lost, and quick.

My attitude is Anti because I feel angry

When you showcase how comfortable you are with your body, you attract negative attention. People label you even though they don’t know you. “I’ve been waiting on that sunshine, I think I need that back,” but go ahead and call me those vile names. Just because you sell sex doesn’t mean it’s an active activity in your world.

Sex is an art, when done right of course. I love to talk about it because it a natural thing we humans do; but is it really that easy to get me into your bed? Another thing Rihanna and I share, our trust issues. Trust lost because of those who did not treat us right, “who cares when it feels like crack, when you know that you always do it right.” Sex is magic, and when you share that magic with someone and they prove later not to deserve it, how hard it is to move on. You then learn from that mistake to make those earn your magic. “What are you willing to do?”

Kiss my emotions better

Anger is our most powerful emotion, it goes hand in hand with love. If you can’t handle my anger, then you don’t deserve my love, and vice versa. I too, like Rihanna, am angry at those who refuse to take me seriously. I have yet to accomplish all that she has, however I have proven that I have what it takes to do so. With her as an idol, icon, inspiration, and a role model there’s no telling what I can achieve. “Let me cover yo sh*t in glitter, I can make it gold.”


“Lets talk perception, you’re single-minded

Take a look at the spectrum

I know you’ll find it

I’ll show you, do you want to see where my home is

I’ll take you

If I do will you give me a kiss?

Black, white, the Greys, look towards the middle

There’s infinite space

Scents of cinnamon, sage & honey

Smells so good, It’s not even funny

You still don’t know?

C’mon, pick up your feet and let’s go

Take a look, just take that leap

Fall in, tumble, and watch your feet

You’ll never know what its like , until you and your soul meet

Stay for a while

You’re welcome to Rome

Let my voice be your tour guide

Welcome To My Home.”

Installment 2/3

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