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LeAnder Teams Up With Indie Friends For Exit/In Show


LeAnder takes a big leap in their journey with their November 14th show at Exit/In.


Nashville is a special place, where the majority of people in a crowd at a concert dream of being on the stage themselves. When the opportunity to move from the crowd to the stage happens in one venue, it’s especially exciting. To play the same stage as so many of your favorite bands is an experience that not many people get. After being in the crowd for so many performances at Exit/In, LeAnder has that opportunity to move to the stage on November 14.

Exit/In is something of a rite of passage venue in the Nashville music scene. Before becoming rock music stars and legends, artists we know and love today played the Exit/In stage – the Ramones, The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Billy Joel, Kings of Leon, Tom Petty, Paramore, Ryan Adams, the list goes on. Exit/In single-handedly altered the music scene of Nashville when the doors opened in 1971 by changing the country music town into the hot bed of indie alternative music it is today. That tradition continues as young artists like COIN, Bad Suns, Oh Wonder, and Isaiah Rashad play the Exit/In stage in hopes of reaching the level of those who came before them.

The history and importance of Exit/In isn’t lost on LeAnder; they want to share this opportunity with everyone who has helped them to this point. The local indie music scene in Nashville isn’t competitive. Each artist wants to succeed, and they want every other artist to succeed as well. LeAnder invites their friends Josh Noren, Wakeville, and The Riflery to join them on the historic stage for a night of celebration of their music and the local indie community.

The bands have teamed up for a special cover video exclusively with I Am The Industry in support of their upcoming show at Exit/In. Check it out above. Also check out a playlist featuring originals from each of the bands here, along with the rest of their music, on Apple Music and Spotify.


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Cory Uhls
Cory is an aspiring music producer in Nashville, TN. After growing up in Indiana playing drums in his or his father’s various bands, he decided to move to Nashville, where he completed a degree in Audio Production from Middle Tennessee State University. He wants to not only help create great new music, but promote great music that many people never hear about otherwise, introducing people to the vast world of independent music.