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Truth Be Told Tai And Sunfreakz Fulfill All Your Dance Needs With New Single


“Truth Be Told” is the latest single from the Big Apple’s next rising star, Whitney Tai. Tai incorporates  a poetic approach to celebrate falling in love with herself “truth be told I’m falling, but this time it’s for me.” The dark arrangement by Sunfreakz drives Tai’s point home, but still makes it possible to get the feeling needed to break a sweat on the dance floor.

Super producer Sunfreakz is onboard for this one to do what he does best with dance beats. Tai does her serenading over the dreamy-electro track to deliver a message that reminds us not to forget the importance of self-love during an age of superficiality, detachment, and enslavement to technological devices.

The single is accompanied by a video that captures the feeling of Sunfreakz’s magic with the sun setting over sky rises, and Tai speeding off in a fancy sports car through the busy streets as time lapses all around her. Amidst all of the glitz and glam of the big city Tai looks alone, but determined.

The edgy-style singer returns to her roots on this mellow dance track. This past summer Tai released “Falling,” a folky guitar composition accompanied by conga drums. The single exemplified her versatility, but she’s definitely back in her comfort zone on “Truth Be Told.”

Her singing flows effortlessly, her presence is what it should be, and to understand what that means one would need to back track and listen to singles such as, “Enigma,” and pretty much any other single from her EP Metamorphosis.

“Truth Be Told” is a nice wrap up to 2016 for Tai, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see her release an EP at the beginning of next year. Tai’s grind is unmatched and she continues to demonstrate her talent and consistency as an artist. Follow her on Instagram @whitneytai, and checkout Sunfreakz on Facebook,



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