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Is Taylor Swift Making A Hip-Hop/R&B Album?

Is Taylor Swift Making A Hip-Hop/R&B Album?

Taylor Swift started out as a country artist. Then in 2014, made the transition into pop music with her album 1989. Although, her country music always leaned towards a pop sound to begin with. So that transition was inevitable. And apparently this new one probably was, as well.

The Sun is reporting that Taylor Swift is back in the studio, fresh from her split with Tom Hiddleston, working on a hip-hop/R&B album. Taylor Swift is trying her hand at rap, it seems, according to a source.

“Taylor is always looking at ways to grow as an artist and really wants to try something different and unexpected for the next album. She’s not afraid of experimenting so is working with a lot of different faces to see if she suits a new sound.”

Not only that. But Swift brought in Drake to help her. There were rumors of the two dating, but it looks like they were just working together. Or possibly both, at this point, nothing would be surprising.

“Drake has been her friend for a while and it seemed a no-brainer that she would spend time in the studio with him. As well as writing with Taylor, he’s producing a few tracks and even lent his vocals to one song. It’s a real mix of edgier hip-hop and R&B sounds.”

Let’s take a step back, several steps back, and really think about this. 1989 beat To Pimp a Butterfly for Album of the Year at the Grammy’s. To Pimp a Butterfly was easily the best album of 2015, and while it thankfully won best Rap Album, many argue Kendrick should’ve walked away with Album of the Year.

There was already bad blood between Taylor and Kanye West. The idea of Swift jumping into hip-hop…does not sound like a good idea. It’s clear that hip-hop heads are not going to be taking this seriously, at all, if this is even true. Hardcore rap fans will not be checking for this release. Her 1989 fans, however, might give this a listen.

Not to mention the fact that Drake has been accused of being a culture-vulture, along with Taylor for things like her “Shake It Off” video. This hip-hop/R&B album is definitely going to cause problems.

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