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Lord OLO: Experimental Seattle Indie Rapper Shows Us His “GOLDENFIST”

Lord OLO "Goldenfist"

Lord OLO, born Malik Habbeb-Ullah, is a young Seattle rapper (relocating from Akron, Ohio). But his sound is a bit alternative, more experimental. Growing up, his influences were artist/producers like Kanye and Tyler, the Creator. Not only was OLO rapping, but he was also producing and making music. Releasing his first mixtape while he was in 10th grade.

His most recent project is GOLDENFIST, an effort brought forth by Wann Sklobi and Lord OLO. MF DOOM is an artist that may come to mind while listening to this album. While the production may be unconventional, his flow and lyricism is not. He’s confident on the mic, delivers bars and puns, and has real talent. And even the production itself, which uses sampling, is still great.

The music video for “Dirty 30” is real retro, literally using video game imagery, even with the song’s dark atmosphere.

“I loved rap, but I loved my Grandma more and I thought rapping was a sin because I understood the content was fu***d up but it was dope. My Grandma was a Christian woman and my biggest role model. I just respected how she was always so peaceful but down to earth, like she barely laughed, but she did. I never stopped writing since then. 9th grade year was the first time I started producing, inspired by only Kanye West, Lex Luger and Tyler, the creator.”

You can check out Lord OLO on Facebook as well as Twitter. You can stream his album GOLDENFIST up above. Be sure to leave your thoughts down below.

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