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Warm Tunes For The Winter Weather

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Saturday nights are the perfect date nights

Last night was a very successful date night. The destination was Claddagh Irish Pub in downtown Indy, and our waitress was Heather. Heather was a brunette who expressed phenomenal customer service. As I got my Jameson Burger, unlike any other, I tested Heather to see just how exceptional her customer service was.

Do you notice how irregular men are with their powers of the weather?

Heather didn’t quite understand what I was asking her, so I rephrased the question. What do you notice about the temperatures in guys’ homes? I asked again. She then gave me some needed knowledge.

“I usually notice that it’s either too cold or too hot, I don’t think guys know that having their air on too long or heat on too high makes their bill rise.”

I then thought to myself; Are guys more emotional than they think? Heather likes to keep her place balanced and at room temperature. Her powers of the weather are based on our planets powers of emotion. Our planet shows her emotions with color. The colors of the leaves in Autumn transition from envious green to passionate red, anticipating orange, and joyous yellow as the leaves die due to the change in seasons. She shows us her emotions as she adapts to change.

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing

Too much heat in the Summer can cause irregular skin conditions such as, sun burn or skin cancer; While too much snow can cause irregular effects such as frostbite or slippery roads. Too much love can be smothering, while too little can be questioning.

Help your lucky date learn to control his powers of the weather with the help of my exclusive playlist. The effects of such a short list of tunes can be rather considering. This steaming playlist starts off bursting with energy as the tag-team duo Rae Sremmurd radiates your impulses with their summer banger ‘Black Beetles.’ Tinashe‘s Pop-Bop ‘Company’ then surrounds your ears as you begin to feel the warmth and your body starts to progress.

This energizing introduction is meant to get you up and ready for where ever the night may take you. Before The Weeknd reminds us of his thrilling and intimate ‘King of the fall’ visual, Cassie settles the electric energy; transitioning the mood from “Twerk Dat” to “Slow and Sexy.” This gap is where the weather shifts from warm to heated.

Grown from the seductive sonic waves and background visuals, ‘Temptation’ begins to ascend between two lovers, with the help of rising artist Ye Ali. Whatever happens between the climbing temptation and Frank Ocean‘s ‘Endless’ finale is between the two listeners. You know the saying, “whatever happens is Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

The finale is meant to relax the listener. It’s the perfect cuddling visual, with soft lullabies that will slowly but surely put you right to sleep. Make your night endless and add this exclusive playlist to your music collection.

For the ultimate experience, connect your device to your television to enjoy the magical visuals.

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