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Phife Dawg Solo Project – Final Album Drops Early 2017

Phife Dawg Solo Project - Final Album Drops Early 2017

A block in the Saint Albans neighborhood of Queens, New York City has been co-named Malik ‘Phife Dawg’ Way. In loving memory of the late Tribe Called Quest member. Phife Dawg’s widow, Desha Head Taylor, spoke in a press interview before the unveiling of the sign. It seems that we are not yet done hearing music from Phife.

Taylor told reporters that the rapper had completed work on a solo album prior to his death. Moreover, she has also given us a release date.

“His solo album will be out probably sometime during the first quarter of 2017,” she told reporters. “We’re working on it now. He completed his entire solo album before he transitioned, so we’re excited about releasing that.”

Many hip-hop heads are excited to hear this news. Especially after the success of We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service.

“There were times where he was working on the album where he would send me video footage of him rhyming over some of the beats that you would hear on the album,” Taylor said, speaking on Phife Dawg in the studio recording Thank You 4 Your Service. “He would make a certain face when hearing the beat, he would make this frown like ‘I’m feeling this,’ and you would hear his verses in the back. He was really excited about this project.”

Are you excited about this solo project? Let us know how you feel in the comments down below.

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