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Drumaq Gets Lost In “Neverland”


Drumaq, formerly known as Youtuber Drew MacDonald, is the latest content creator to delve into the world of music. Back in July, he posted a video talking about writing songs for his upcoming debut EP, not making content he’s happy about and focusing on his dream of making music.


Since then, all of his Youtube videos have been deleted except for his new song and the video mentioned above. A new leaf has been turned. Over the past year, drumaq has given his audience a taste of what’s to come by releasing music produced by dapurr on Soundcloud. The most popular of the tracks being “Peach Arizona”.


“Neverland” is produced by London Future but despite having a different producer than previous tracks, drumaq still manages to hold onto his dreamy, tender sound. One thing that clearly sets drumaq apart from the crowd are his lyrics. Drumaq’s lyrics are romantic but so metaphorical that it’s otherworldly. Listen for yourself below and make sure to leave a comment letting us know what you think.


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